The Match Play calendar shows combined tournaments and event listings from both Match Play and the IFPA calendar. It also provides calendar feeds that can be imported into your calendar app such as Google Calendar or Apple's Calendar.

Calendar types

Match Play provides four different calendars.

  • The nearby calendar shows you events close to your current location. By default events within 150 miles are shown but you can adjust this range.

  • The regional calendar shows events from a predefined region. For example, "Los Angeles" or "Wisconsin" or "United Kingdom". The regions are provided by the Pinball Map

  • The location calendar shows events from a specific location or arcade. Locations are provided by the Pinball Map

  • The personal calendar shows events you are playing in. This calendar only shows events from Match Play, not the IFPA calendar

Set your default calendar

When you first open the calendar it'll show you the nearby calendar. This may be annoying because it can take a bit for your computer or phone to provide your current location. If you prefer the calendar open on one of the other calendars:

  • Open the calendar you want to be your default

  • Click to open the calendar menu

  • Click the Set as default… option

Subscribing to a calendar feed

Calendar feeds are provided for all Pinball Map regions. To access a calendar feed:

  • Click to open the calendar menu

  • Click the Calendar feeds… option

  • Find your region in the list and click the Copy button to copy the link to paste into your calendar app

  • The calendar feed is updated every four hours. There's no reason to set your calendar app to refresh the calendar any more often than that.

Adjusting calendar settings

You can customize your calendar from your Account settings page. Scroll to the bottom until you reach the Preferences section. There you can modify:

  • The Nearby distance to decrease or increase the range used by the nearby calendar

  • Whether the calendar display should start the week on a Monday

Why is my tournament not on the calendar?

The most likely reason your tournament is not showing on the calendar is that your tournament does not have the right kind of location attached. Your location must have geo coordinates attached to show up on most calendars.

If you originally created your location without linking it to Scorbit or the Pinball Map it's likely there are no geo coordinates attached. The fix this head to your Locations page, click the Edit button for your location and finally click Link to Pinball Map to start syncing your location with a location from the Pinball Map.

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