Amazing Race

An Amazing Race tournament has all players in the tournament face off against each other on the same machine over a number of rounds. Each round, an arena is picked by the tournament organizer, and all players play a single game on that arena. The player with the lowest score is eliminated; all other players advance. This process is repeated until there is only one player left standing.

Speeding up Amazing race tournaments

Amazing Race tournaments can be time consuming, but Match Play offers some tools to speed things up.

Auto-advance players

As soon as a player has surpassed the lowest score on that round's arena, there's no reason for them to keep playing. A scorekeeper should use the Auto-advance button to advance the player to the next round without inputting an exact score.

Play on multiple machines

Do not wait for all players to finish a round before moving play on to the next round. As soon as the first player is advanced into a round, a scorekeeper should assign an arena, and the player should start playing. It's not unusual to have many rounds going at the same time.

Use scorekeepers

Assign trusted tournament participants as scorekeepers. These people will be able to enter scores for all players in the tournament. Having just a single tournament organizer enter scores will be chaotic experience. It's better to share that responsibility between multiple scorekeepers.

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