Match Play provides several different ways of recording match results and game scores. You can choose the solution most comfortable for you and your players.

Organizer records results

The tournament organizer can always record results and scores. In match play-style tournaments, this happens on the Matches tab. For best game-style tournaments, it happens on the Arenas tab by clicking on one of the arenas to go to the details page for that arena.

The tournament organizer is the only person who can change or delete results once they have been saved.

Players suggest results

Letting players suggest results is an easy way to reduce the work needed to run a tournament. The tournament organizer can enable this feature after they have created a tournament. Once enabled, players can submit suggested results for their own matches. In order to submit a suggested result, the player must be logged in to their own free Match Play user account.

In Best Game tournaments, this feature lets players submit scores for each arena in the tournament. Players can also upload a photo with their submission. This feature and the photo submission is what enables tournament organizers to run selfie leagues using Match Play.

In Best Game tournaments, you have to choose between virtual queues and suggested results. A tournament can't have both.

Results are now saved immediately. The tournament organizer must approve each suggested result (or enter their own result instead). This provides a balance between speed (players can submit their own scores) and safety (the organizer must approve each result).

If the tournament organizer has a lot of trust in their players, they can enable Automatically approve first suggested result. With the option enabled, the first suggestion will be automatically approved. The tournament organizer can still modify the results after the automatic approval.

Using dedicated scorekeepers

Working with scorekeepers allows the tournament organizer to share the responsibility of recording results. The tournament organizer can add scorekeepers from the Info tab of the tournament. Scorekeepers must have their own (free) Match Play user account.

Scorekeepers can record results directly, and the tournament organizer does not need to approve the results. Scorekeepers can also manage the queues in a best game tournament. However, scorekeepers cannot change results once they have been saved. Only the tournament organizer can change results.

Printing scoresheets

Match Play offers printed scoresheets for match play-style tournaments. After starting a new round of the tournament, open the Actions dropdown for the round and select the Print scoresheets menu option. After opening the printable scoresheets, you can customize the scoresheets by clicking the Settings button at the top.

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