Managing players

After creating a tournament, you can add players from the Players tab. Various tournament formats require a different minimum amount of players, but typically you need at least four players.

Adding players

After switching to the Players tab, click the Add players button to add one or more arenas. There are four possible ways to add a player to your tournament.

Existing players

This is simply a list of players from all your previous tournaments.

New player

Use this to search for a player by name. The IFPA database will be searched for matching players. If you want to add a player who is not in the IFPA database yet (for example, if it's their first tournament), you will be able to do so after searching.

IFPA number

Enter the IFPA number for a player to add them to the tournament.


Use this to add many players in one go. You can copy and paste in as many IFPA numbers and player names as you want and Match Play will add them all. It is highly recommended you use IFPA numbers rather than names when adding players this way to avoid creating duplicate players.

Players page

The Players page lists all players you have ever had participate in a tournament. You can access it by opening the main menu and clicking on the Players menu item. On this page, you can retire players so they will not show up under Existing players when you add players to future tournaments.

You can also edit each player, changing their name or updating their IFPA number.

When editing a player, you're changing the name and IFPA number for past and present tournaments involving that player. This is rarely needed, as this action will modify all previous tournaments, not just the current one. Instead, you likely want to access View details, followed by Change players. There you can add, remove, or modify tournament players without altering their IFPA data.

Merge players

On the Players page, it's possible to merge two players into one. This is useful if you have mistakenly added the same player under two different names in different tournaments. To get started, go to the Players page and switch to the Merge Players tab. One thing to note: you will not be able to merge two players if they have at any point been added to the same tournament.

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