Player & arena labels

A label is a word or short phrase that can be assigned to a player or arena in a tournament. The labels can be used to group players or arenas in a flexible way.

How to use labels

Only your creativity is the limit, but here are some examples to get you started:

  • A "TD" label for any tournament officials

  • A "Scorekeeper" label for scorekeepers

  • "A div." and "B div." labels for players who satisfy the requirements for playing on those divisions

  • A "rookie" label for player who are playing in their first tournament

  • Labels indicating the location of an arena for a tournament that spans multiple locations (like the names of different arcades participating in a selfie league)

Assigning labels

There are two main ways to assign a label to a player or arena. If you want to assign labels to multiple players (or arenas), go to the Players tab (or Arenas tab) and mark the players/arenas you want to assign a label to using the checkboxes. Once you're satisfied with your selection, click the Set label button. You will be asked to enter the label and select a color for it.

If you want to assign and change the label on a single player or arena, click the player/arena to open the info panel. In the info panel, click the Set label option.

Assigning player labels based on IFPA ranking

For your convenience, Match Play can assign labels to players matching specific IFPA rankings. To do so, switch to the Players tab and then click the Set rank labels link to start the process.

You can use this feature, for example, to assign a label of "B Div." to all players with an IFPA ranking below 1,000.

Assigning labels to registrations

If you are using the player registration feature, you may assign a label to a registration. Click the name of the registrant, and then click the Set label option in the info panel. Any labels assigned to registrations will be copied when the registrant is added to the tournament.

Filtering based on labels

Once you have created one or more labels, you can use them to filtering various lists. On the Arenas and Players tabs, you can filter the list of arenas/players to just those having a specific labels.

On the tournament standings page and the series standings page, you can also filter the standings to only show players who has a specific label.

Starting rounds using labels

When you start a round in a tournament, you can limit the arenas used in that round to those with a specific label. This is similar to how categories work, but labels are more flexible since an arena can have multiple labels assigned, and you can create as many labels as you want.

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