Tournament series

A tournament series allows you to collect multiple tournaments together. Match Play will keep track of the overall standings based on the individual results from each tournament. This makes a tournament series well-suited for keeping track of standings in a league. Each tournament represents a single league meeting, and the series represents the entire league season.

Adding and removing tournaments

When you create your series, you can plan out all the tournaments in the series right away. To do so, open your series, switch to the Tournaments tab, and click the Create new button. The first tournament is created as any other tournament, but subsequent tournaments let you copy the settings from other tournaments in the series. This can save you a lot of time if you're creating several tournaments with the same settings. This works well if you know that all your tournaments will have an identical configuration and you know all the dates in advance.

You can also add existing tournaments to the series. Again, open your series, switch to the Tournaments tab, and click the Attach existing button. You can also remove tournaments from the series' Tournaments tab. To do so, click the Remove button next to the tournament you want to remove.

This is useful if you don't know how long your series will be or if you need to shorten an existing series by removing one or more tournaments.

Configuration options

Scoring system

Determines how points are awarded for the series. See details below.

Dropped results

Use this setting if you don't want to count all tournaments in the series for standings. You can either choose to keep a player's best X results (recommended since it provided better standings at the start of a series), or you can choose to drop a player's worst X results.

Scoring in tournament series

There are three different ways points can be calculated for tournament series:

Sum of points earned

The points earned by players in the individual tournaments are added together for their overall score. This is the typical choice for a match play-style league.

Pingolf scoring

Same as above, but the goal is to have as few points as possible. You should only use this for pingolf tournaments.

Rank players

In each individual tournament, players are ranked by finishing position and will receive a point value based on that rank. Their overall score is the sum of these points. This is the only format in which playoffs tournaments for each individual tournament will be taken into account. The options for ranking players are the same as for best game tournaments.

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