Card-based best game

As the name implies, card-based best game tournaments are a variant of best game tournaments. The tournament director assembles a bank of arenas. Each player completes a "card" consisting of a set number of games. Points are awarded for each game on the card, and players are ranked based on their best card. The difference from a regular best game tournament is that in a regular best game tournament, each individual game is scoring points independently, and in a card-based best game tournament, multiple games are collected on a "card" of games, and the card is scored as a single unit. Card-based best game tournaments reward players who perform consistently well across multiple games in a row.

Recording scores

Just like best game tournaments, scores are submitted using the Scorekeeper section. It's a two-step process. First, a scorekeeper must create a card for a player. After the card has been created, scores can be entered for each individual game. Scores can be entered in any order. Cards can also be voided if the player does not want to complete the card.

Only the tournament director can modify scores of completed cards or void completed cards.

Configuration options

See also: Common configuration options.

Max. number of cards

Determines how many cards a player can play in total.

Cards scoring

There are two possible options for how cards are scored. One option is that all cards are counted from each player. (This is how PAPA World Championships are scored.) Or, only the newest card is counted for each player (so a player will only ever have one card counting for points).

Number of games per card

Determines how many games must be played on each card.

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