Creating a tournament

The life of a tournament goes through a handful of stages from planning to playoffs.

When you create a new tournament, you will fill in general information about the tournament. You'll decide a name, a date and a location. You will also decide the tournament format and configure the tournament the way you want. You can read more about each tournament format on the respective handbook pages for your specific format.

After you have created your tournament, you can still go back and edit it. As long as you have not started the tournament, you can change any of the configuration options.

Starting a tournament

Once you are happy with how your tournament is configured, you'll need to add some players to the tournament. In many cases, you will also need to add one or more arenas. When all of that is set up, you'll be ready to play.

Start your tournament by clicking the large Start tournament button. Once you start your tournament, you will not be able to change any of the tournament configuration options. You can still change some settings like the tournament name, date and location.

Running a tournament

Once your tournament has started, you will be entering results into Match Play. Each tournament format is different, but you'll typically be starting new rounds of play for direct play tournaments or recording individual scores for single player tournaments.

Concluding a tournament

When the tournament is over, you must close it out by clicking the large Close tournament button. This locks in all results.

Creating playoffs

If you want, you may create playoffs or finals for your tournament. Click the More... button and then the Create playoffs menu option to get started. Pick the tournament format you wish to use for your playoffs and select which players to advance into finals. Once the playoffs tournament has been created, it functions exactly like any other tournament, and you can edit any details before you start it.

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