Big screen view

A projector or "big screen" display is available for all tournament types. The tournament organizer can open the projector view by opening the More... menu from the tournament's Overview tab and choosing the Open big screen view option. The big screen view opens in a new browser tab.

The projector view is meant to provide the most relevant information for the tournament on a single screen that can be displayed on a laptop, television or projector.

Configuration options

Once the big screen view is opened, there are several configuration options. Click the three dots in the upper right corner to access the settings.

Auto scroll

By default, the big screen view will periodically scroll through the content. If you don't like it, you can disable this auto scrolling behavior.

Show/hide standings

By default, the big screen view will display the tournament standings. You can hide these standings if you want more space for the other content or if you just don't want the standings displayed.

Expanded/compact matches

Some tournament formats offer "compact matches." Choosing this option will maximize the amount of matches on the screen. Use this option if you have a bigger tournament and want to cram as many matches onto the screen as possible.

Show queues/scores

Available for Best Game tournaments, this option lets you switch between the big screen view displaying arena queues or arena scores.

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