Challenge matches

Challenge matches are games of competitive pinball that aren't part of a tournaments. You can use them when you're hanging out with your friends and want to keep track of your match results but you don't want to setup a tournament.

There are three types of challenge matches available.

Head-to-head challenge

Head-to-head challenges have two players face off against each other in a best-of-X series. For example, you can play a best-of-3 or even a best-of-15.

Group challenge

Group challenges are played in a group of three or four players. There are two variants available: A fixed duration challenge is played for a specific number of games while a first to target challenge has players competing to see who can reach a target number of points first.

High score challenge

A high score challenge can have up to 32 players. Each player will play a single game and have their score recorded. The player with the highest score wins the challenge.

Starting a challenge

As you create your challenge you will add the participants in the challenge. Each player must have a free Match Play user account in order to participate.

After creating your challenge the participants must accept the invitation. They do this by going to the challenge and clicking the Accept button. Once all players have accepted you can start the challenge. The challenge will show up on their Challenges page as pending.

High score challenges are slightly different in that players can add themselves. You'll find a Share button that will let you copy the link to the challenge and display a QR code for players to scan. Click the Refresh button once players have added themselves to submit scores for them.

Entering results

Only the person who created the challenge can record results and otherwise manage the challenge (add arenas to matches, complete the challenge etc.).

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