Player registration

Match Play offers a flexible player registration feature that allows players to register themselves for an event, allows players to check themselves in to an event when they have arrived, and much more.

How to configure player registration

Registrations can be configured for both tournaments and series. To set up registration for a tournament, open the tournament, click on the More... button and select the Configure RSVP settings option.

To set up registrations for a series, open the series, switch to the Configuration tab and click the Configure RSVP settings button.

Configuration options

Registration type

Match Play offers four different configuration types:

  1. No registration: The registration feature is disabled.

  2. Public registration: Players can register themselves for your tournament or series.

  3. Closed registration: The tournament organizer can create registrations.

  4. Direct registration: Player can register themselves and they're immediately added to the tournament. Use this for selfie league or other tournaments in which players should be able to start playing immediately without involving the tournament organizer.

Open / close registration on

Set dates for when registration should open and close. Both of these are optional. Leave them blank if you don't want to open/close registration at a specific time. The tournament organizer can always create registration, even outside the open/close dates.

Player capacity

Use this to set a maximum number of registrations for your tournament/series. Players will not be able to register once this capacity is met unless you also enable the wait list (see below).

Request player phone/email

When checked, the player can provide a phone number or email when registering for the tournament/series so that the tournament organizer can get in touch.

Show tournament description

When checked, the tournament description will be displayed on the registration page to give players more information about the event.

Public registration list

When checked, the tournament/series will have a list of registered players publicly available.

Use wait list

When checked, a wait list will be created if there are more registered players than the player capacity allows. If you also have public registration list enabled, the wait list is also displayed publicly. The tournament organizer can move registrations in and out of the wait list at will.

Use virtual check-in

When checked, players will be allowed to check in on their own. Players must have a free Match Play user account, and their registration must be connected to their user account in order to check in.

Custom fields

If you want to collect additional information from players when they register, use the custom fields. This type of custom information could include dietary restrictions or a t-shirt size.

Managing registrations

When registrations are enabled for a tournament/series, you'll see a new Registrations tab. Head there to manage all registrations for your event.

You can see a table of all the registrations along with some checkboxes to mark a registration as checked in or paid (both optional to use).

To add a registration, click either the Add existing or Create registration button. The former will let you add one of your existing players as a registration to the event. (This saves time as you don't have to type in the name or IFPA number.) The latter lets you create a new registration from scratch. (For this, you have to do all the typing.)

If you need to change anything about a registration, click the name. This will open the info panel where you can see all details for a registration and take the following actions:

  • Add a player to tournament. (See below for a more efficient way to do this.)

  • Force into event, if you're using the wait list and want to force a registration into the tournament.

  • Move to wait list, if you're using the wait list and want to force a registration onto the wait list.

  • Edit registration, to change the details of the registration.

  • Delete registration, if you want to get rid of the registration altogether.

Turning registrations into players

The final step before starting your tournament is to turn registrations into actual players in the tournament. To do this in one action, click the Convert to players button. This will give you a few options on which registrations to convert. For example, you can choose to only convert registrations for players who have checked in to the tournament. Once you've confirmed all the relevant registrations are turned into players, you can start the tournament.

For series, there are two options. You can choose the Convert to players, which works the same as above. Registrations for the series are turned into players in a tournament in the series.

Or you can Copy to tournament, which will copy the registrations to a tournament. This is useful if you use the series registration as a league roster but want players to use the virtual check-in feature for each tournament in the series.

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