Round robin

Max match play is often a more efficient way of running round robin tournaments.

A round robin tournament is a tournament in which every player plays every other player exactly once. Each game is a head-to-head match between two people where the winner earns a point. At the end of the tournament, the overall winner is the player with the most amount of points.

Double round robin is a variant in which every player plays every other player twice instead of once. This is a convenient option if the organizer wants to provide players with choice of arena for the matches since each player can make an arena choice.

When a round robin tournament is started, all the matches for the entire tournament are created at the same time. The matches are still divided into rounds, but creating all matches at once gives the organizer the freedom to ignore the rounds if they wish. The number of rounds will equal the amount of players in the tournament minus one. So for example, if there are 16 players, the tournament will have 15 rounds.

World Cup Soccer (WCS) style groups

WCS-style groups is a variant of a full round robin that is best used as a qualifying format. When using WCS-style groups, the field of players is first divided into smaller groups. The size of these groups is chosen by the organizer. A round robin is then played only among the players in each group. Players still earn one point per match won. This matches the group stage format used at the FIFA World Cup, hence the name.

Players are divided into the small groups based on their seeding. For example, with 16 players and groups of four players, the following groups will be created:

Configuration options

Arena draws

In a round robin tournament, arenas are assigned for each round, and each arena will only be assigned once per round. It's strongly encouraged to only have Match Play assign arenas for round robin tournaments if there are enough arenas to cover every game in each round. The amount of arenas needed is half the amount of players in the tournament, so for example, if there are 16 players, eight arenas are needed. If there are not enough arenas available, it's best to leave this setting to "disabled" or "manual."

Use WCS-style groups

Determines the size of any WCS-style groups. See the section above for a description of WCS-style groups.

Value of byes

If the tournament doesn't have an even number of players, a single bye game is created for each round. This configuration option determines whether the bye player earns a point or not. The default value is to not earn a point.

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