WPPR estimates

Match Play can estimate IFPA WPPR values for a tournament or for an arbitrary list of players. For those who don't want to wait for IFPA approval of results, these estimates can give an idea of the value of a tournament.

WPPR estimate for tournament

To view a WPPR estimate for a tournament, first open the tournament and then click the View WPPR estimate link in the sidebar on the Overview tab.

At the top of the page, you can see and set the TGP value. This value defaults to 100%, and you must manually set it to a realistic value. If the tournament organizer changes the TGP value, that value will be used as the default value when anyone else views the WPPR estimate.

The WPPR estimate itself consists of two tables. The first table shows the amount of WPPRs each finishing position in the tournament is awarded. If the tournament has been completed, this table will show the player names for each position as well.

The second table shows how many WPPRs each player in the tournament contributes to the total WPPR pool for the tournament.

If you want to do further processing of the second table of WPPR contributions, there is a Copy to clipboard button. Click it to copy the table data in a format you can paste into a spreadsheet.

WPPR estimate for series

Match Play also provides WPPR estimates for tournament series. Open the series standings page and scroll all the way to the bottom. Below the standings, click the View WPPR estimate link.

The WPPR estimate itself functions the same as for tournaments (see above).

WPPR estimate for arbitrary list of players

In the main menu, click on the WPPR estimator option. On the resulting page, you can type or paste in a list of names or IFPA numbers (IFPA numbers work best). Then a WPPR estimate can be worked up as if these players all played in a tournament together.

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